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An Evening With Lenglui

Thursday, September 29, 2005
Beef: So how's works? OK ar? I seldom see nowadays.

Lenglui: Well, my time is not fix mah. *sip teh o ais limau*

Beef: So what is your scheduled for this week?

Lenglui: *sip, sip* 5 pm -3 am...

Beef: Wah lau eh...

Lenglui: OK lar, at least I have all my interesting colleague with me mah...

Beef: How interesting or?

Lenglui: Hua! If I mentioned you sure find it funny lah... One them hor let's call him Boyboy,
That day, both of us where lepaking for a while in my workplace lar... Then hor came a
very handsome boyboy also. Boyboy look at him one kind only... Like wanted to makan
people only.

Beef: You Boyboy homosexual ar?

Lenglui: Arbothen?

Beef: Ok then what happened?

Lenglui: That handsome left lor, then my Boyboy looked disappointed and suddenly he just
freaked said to me that handsome forgot something.

Beef: What? He left his handphone there ar?

Lenglui: I also think like that but then I try to look around. No handphone also so I asked him
what is it lor?

Beef: What he said?

Lenglui: he said that handsome forgot to take him back to his home to play...

Beef: @#$%^ Kanina....


how you get fucked up by your own goverment?

Monday, September 26, 2005
My workplace is situated in a busy area where almost all the banks that are approved by Bank Negara are located there. Besides, there are offices. The banks are all facing the main highway. There is a road in front of them. A narrow road I would say after the parking space. It is a no stoping/parking zone.

Despite of the local council officers issuing summons, there still fuckers and bitches who park their car in the most selamba way, on that road thus causing jam in that barely 4 shop lots distance. Oh wait, as long as there is some body inside the car, you can park there. That's the fucking rule or should I say loophole.

There is a parking lot, surrounded by three-floors shop lots mostly office. Averagely, there are about 40++ offices. Each of the company might has 6++ employees including the bosses. That parking will be full before even ten in the morning. With the failure of the Malaysian Goverment to run the campaign of car pooling and hence cultivating the car pooling culture, that place is parked by 40 * 6 =240 cars. To make things worse, there are some space which is considered as safe parking in the sense that you would not be blocking anybody's way. But there were no parking line. Depends on who's the officer on duty. I like officer A, he seems to be using his brain to do his duty. He told me he would not summons cars that park there as long as it is with parking ticket. Fair enough.

Today, I park that place and I got a summons from this officer. Just now I name the officer A and for this let us just called BITCHASSMAEHCHIBYEKANINBUEHLAUCHIBYEMUTHAFUCKA. He gave me a summon. For illegal parking. I only get to know this after I got to my car after work. I mean, here I am right here with limited parking lot and some parking space without parking box maybe waited to be drawn some yellow line to make a parking box due to their busy scheduled of catching stray dogs or shooting crows.

Now that's how you get fucked up by your own goverment!



I'd been searching in the web looking for the exact word to describe a person with over-zealous addiction of winning. I don't know if it is right to explain it this way. But you dig what I mean.

I was overwhelmed by the fact that there some fuckers out there who will turn into their ugly face over a silly computer game at the cybercafe. I have to admit that I am no computer gamer guy. Meaning; I won't spend my fucking time over what fucking items I should buy to enhance my game character into an invincible superman and how to control my money shit all that.

Last Saturday, I went to this cybercafe with few of my friends. One of them happens to be that guy that had me wondering what is it about winning over a pc LAN game going to make him reach orgasm. I think he shove his prick into the USB port more than his wife's pussy. Anyway, we played this game where there were two teams, fighting to capture the enemy's base. Sort of. I requested to be in his team. So that he can look after me. Read carefully. Look after, give instruction, TEACH... Ended up losing the first game. Couldn't handled the lost, ugly words that hurts start to rain in like those arrows from The Lord of the Ring.


Anyway, he is labelled then. The List of Pricks in Early Stage Beef Stew.

Wonder Years 1

Thursday, September 22, 2005
Reading minishorts's latest post got me thinking upon some matter. Growing pain stuff.

I grew up a good kid. Get good grades, back at home after school and certainly never go out causing trouble. I didn't what is ponteng until I reached form 2. Street fighter II was the reason I did such a treacherous deed. I had some friends. Thanks to them to I learned masturbation (form 1 and experiment commenced one year later...yep, a pure loser that time). But of course that's another story.

We have posse. Gangs that share same interests. Mine was particularly in music. You know Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins..etc. We are cool. We just hanging out. Mcdonalds was a good place. My grades were reddish every month. My mum didn't say anything mainly because of the merits I accumulated all these years a total 11 A's in two public examination and no police record of kena tangkap while slaying fatass E.Honda. Until one time I got into fight with this friend of mine. Later I was banned from the gang. Nobody wanted to talk to me. I mean, that was the mother of all ban. I got no choice but being a lone ranger until some nerds in my class approached me to study together. Of course there was no such thing as nerds that time yet. I was like what they hell! That was like end of form 4 and was about to enter the crucial year of form 5. I work my ass out to pick up what I left out in form 4. The outcome was not bad. Got an A for Sejarah even I was thought by a Malay teacher who famous for his asking "mau masuk Islam?" each time he met his students during form 4.

I got into form 6. The whole environment changed. Having most of the outrsiders came into my school to study form 6, I lost most of my friends. Lost in the sense that I wouldn't be meeting them like last time. I guess it was ok because I'll be definitely meeting more people. Smart people from other school that score better than me and already finished chapter 3 in that subject called Kimia Organik during the orientation period. I mixed with some of people and joined few clubs and got some high rank post as well. Everything was quite nice.

I was then realized one thing. You are on your own, sucker! Forget about about attachment. Attachment are bad thing. Everybody are too busy looking after their own shit. That was sort of my very first culture shock. Of all the activities we had done together, you still on your own. Nobody going to help you with your subjects and your studies. You gonna help yourself. I mean I never thought that form 6 was a mini dog-eat-dog society that I am going to join like fuck! not another 5 more years according to my normal people educational milestones. I hence imprisoned myself that time. Emotionally. Mentally. Smiling, clowning, walking around as I might with my form 6 friends but it was empty.

Then I realized something, those form 6 friends, they were not your long time friends. It take a really friendly socialize-whiz people to do it in two years time. To make an attachment of friendship. Until now I still blurred but hey what the heck. Few of them still contacting me now. We still go out for our diabetical yam char session.

Opening ceremony

Wednesday, September 21, 2005
This is my first post after A week of struggling with this magnificent thingy call the html language shit. After a week, not even a beginner yet, I just play around other peoples' source code and did some modification. I have a blog elsewhere and I intend to move all those archive here. But definitely no idea on where to start. Will find out soon. It's 3.56 am in the morning and I ought to rest already after a tired day. Life's a Bitch !

Testing testing

Saturday, September 17, 2005
Making music two by two is one thing children like to do...