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Great 2006 and Happy New Year 2007

Thursday, December 28, 2006
2006 was great. Great because of the things learned. Be it life, friendship, business, politics (learned but have to wait until the next G.E)...

Looking back among the few things...

  1. Jazz is good. I mean like Toproom/Top Hat jazz and not the KLCC shopping jazz... Pardon me for the discrimination. Have not try No Black Tie yet...and still looking for Blues music joint. I mean like Muddy Waters, Clapton's From The Cradle, B.B King, Albert King and not Robert Palmer versatile/compartible/pop for all market kind of blues. OK.
  2. Camping is good. 4-5 pax will be ideal, because nobody is nobody boss, only ideas and suggestions. Centipede actually love butter, so be careful if you are having BBQ camping.
  3. Poker is good. Casino Royale was a catalyst though. Secret alliance among players sucks. (Fuck you all lah jibye!). Emotion strategies cannot be applied because final stake was small. Still is I suppose.
  4. The healthy amount of sweat that I suppose to perspire in 2006, I sweat it all out in one yoga class and one pilates class.
  5. She...
  6. Waking up Sunday morning is good. Playing badminton 30++km from home was especially good. After that, gaining back twice as much of what you lost during the game. Mmm...
  7. Started to appreciate myself more and more each day. Narcissism is Necessary...hehe. Started to know the significant of the behaviour of acting strong in front of certain party.
  8. I learned some skills of knowing friends among my friends. Who are there for you and who are the one who wait for your dooms. It's a bit late but what to do, my application to the "Social Uni" appear to be late.
  9. Looking back and laugh at the statement "if weren't for us, you are sitting at home doing nothing". He was drop dead wrong. Hahaha...
  10. Planning my immigration.
  11. The lowdown is a good thing. I need to admit it. Everybody is doing their best out of it. Hopefully better in the coming 2007.
  12. Carrier? Hmmm....... Ain't telling. But already make a 2007 resolution list. Got it laminated and beautifully hang in my room. Hahaa. Advice from a friend really.
  13. Finally... Cilakak, they open in the month of December 2006 but everytime I drive past the building, I don't even come across any equipment. Kanineh... Y? Y?

I can go on and on but erm... Guess I better not. Besides looking back only to revise and not to stay there forever...sniff* sniff*...che.................Going to Singapore tonight. My first time again.

While Dota Ah Lian Suanie got her Warcraft Pack, I got my picture frame with some Indian art in it from Indian for Christmas, thanks alot Ms Chan. Happy Birthday Jesus and Happy New Year everybody!!


Normal life...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006
Today I felt for the first time the thirst for a normal life. I know it is not up to me but it is good to lead a normal life.


Arousable Dino Suit

Friday, December 08, 2006


Freak: Ballroom Dancing

Thursday, December 07, 2006
I remembered watching a great movie alone few months ago, while waiting for my second shift on the Saturday evening. The movie is Take the Lead, starring Antonio Banderas. Based on a true story about a ballroom dancing teacher trying to help those problematic school kids with his own way: dancing.

The dialog that still freshly remembered will be this:

if she allows me to lead, she is trusting me, but more than that, she is trusting herself...
Now, if your 16 year-old daughter is strong and secure, and trust herself, how likely she will let some idiot knock her out?
And if your son, can learn to touch a girl with respect, how would he treat women through his life?

I see ballroom dancing in a new perspective now... and isn't it nice to incorporate this type of program into some religious fundamentalist freak... Don't you think?


Deja Vu the Movie

Monday, December 04, 2006

I just watched Deja Vu under the direction of Tony Scott (I have no idea if he and Ridley is related or not). Before I say anything at all, I need to rate this...It's 9.99428689987899/10. (Sorry, that accurate yes, used to be a fan of pi)

This is the only movie that had me guessing and making me felt that I predicted correctly but actually I'm not. It's a roller coaster ride!!! The casts is non other than Denzel Washington, Val Kilmer, Jim Caviezel and Paula "Macam Whitney Houston" Patton.

Denzel Washington as Doug Carlin

The story goes like...nah don't feel like telling it. I'm waiting for the DVD. The things that I can tell is if you like movies like Mahjong Hero any recent stuff with Jordan Chan in it, Scary Movie 1, 2, 3 and 4, you get the idea... back the fuck up from this movie, jah.....

Val Kilmer as Agent Pryzwarra and also the sweet Paula Patton.

And also Jim Caviezel as Carroll Oerstadt.

The special thing about Jerry Bruckheimer and Ted Elliot on this movie is that all small thing no matter how small it is... is the potential spoiler. The keywords that I can tell is...

Twelve Monkeys, Arlington, Frequency & Penang before Penang Bridge

Muahahahahahaha... Sorry, it's the fading adrenalins.



Muhibah used to be there most of the time when it is around festive season (you know, the kudah kepang thingy, the gasing thingy, the lion dance thingy, the indian dances thingy, be it while some visitings of APEC leaders or in the hotels during some conference thingy) and when those mat sallehs were around. This is their policy. "Be a good ambassador when you are out of the country especially in the west you hear?" That's what they told us to do before we headed to UK sometimes ago with our parents hard-earn money (after minusing taxes that the will put into country development such as sending Malaysian to the space to study the trajectory happen to the fucking teh when it is tariked in the space or playing batu seremban for the purpose of studying the forces in motion possessed by the freaking batu seremban-The taxes my dad pay was really a small fry because the cibai project cost 90++ million Ringgit Malaysia *breath*) .

Well that policy don't really works now... Because most of the informed ambassadors working or studying abroad have trouble burying or hiding their face because the mat sallehs knew... They knew and they start asking and most probably they begin to feel bored with your superficial cultural performances. Hey, it's not their fault, they didn't spend time digging all our backyard shit, it's our own countrymen who suppose to lead into 2020, who make their shit in the front porch and ask everybody to have a look. No, they are not selling those fiber based supplements-multilevel marketing product. Now they started to write articles about us. Pretty interesting really. Have a read, forward them to all your friends who think the mainstream paper already tell them all they need to know...Thank you.

Latest from The Economist:

Business reporter Michael Backman: Part One

Business reporter Michael Backman: Part Two: In response to the CIBAI TUA PUI POH

By the way, I know keris is part of Malay culture but waving it when you have your AGM is pure kam lan. Tarak paham ar...ok ok.... qham lan...ok?


The Most Beautiful Girl

Friday, December 01, 2006

Nicol Ann David