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Reunion With Cikgu Than

Monday, March 27, 2006
Yesterday, I went meet up with my standard four class teacher. Her name is Ms. Than (pronounced Tan). Besides Ms Than, there were there other classmate, Ms Cheong LL, Ms Karen Wong YY and Mr Loy TZ (ya, I know, you don't bother).

Ms Than is a bit tanned. Well, maybe during the eighties, fair skin was a in thing (thanks to boy George...hehehe). She is one of the most remembered teacher. LL messaged me up about the meeting and I was excited. All pictures started to come in mind. Raja Ema's Korea 88' Olympic theme (Ya, she used this song which is in BM to teach us, the method I remember only Michelle Pfeiffer would used in "Dangerous Mind"), keeping a cat as a class pet, The Sound of Music (don't ask...) and infactuation towards the teacher (ya, fucking don't ask about that too).

We were having our dinner in this House of Briyani opposites Bukit Tinggi Tesco. I came late and as I walked in, she call me by the name beefstew...of course not, it's my other name (don't ask that too, I am proud of my name ya, just ain't gonna let you know). She remembers me. Sop...sop...

The most interesting part is she took up the class with LL during LL's uni time. Here I am as classmate with my darjah empat cikgu, after what 12 years? How bizarre.

She stop us from calling her teacher anymore. "Now, we are friends, we can talk about almost anything", she said. We chat about everything, theater, blogs, world event and boys and girls stuff, marriage (burp...), Dan Brown and What-happen-to-them-Now.

The dinner lasted for like 2 hrs ++. We will meet again. LL will organise.


customer is god

Sunday, March 26, 2006
The title says it all... not quite. I suppose it means we wanna hate'em but somehow we bound to love 'em eventhough they tend to create tsunami in you and of cause with particular reasons that my level of intelligence would understand.

This lady together with her brother came into my shop yesterday wanted to do name card (well some sophisticated people call it "call card", an important knowledge that I should know and don't really give a fuck though). They want a simple black and white name card. I served them on the spot eventhough there is lots of orders pending to be delivered (I am a very busy man, if I am free, I'll be busy playing my DOTA). She sat down and explain what she want and I start designing the way she want it. After we were done... I printed out the design with the exact measurement and design and typing and all lhat shit for her to verify. (You know that, there are some people who really cannot imagine stuff just by looking from the monitor eventhough they are some high educated person aka professionals aka lawyer. They retarding in so many interesting way). They look at the design and asked me to change some of the details. I mean what the fuck, why don't you notice it before I print it out. You stare at the monitor for like what five sex intercourse ago + rest + ciggies. KNN. Cheebye. Fine, I changed the details and printed it again (Oh btw, before I printed the layout, I did ask them to verify)...

SAME FUCKING THING HAPPENED! Enuff said, I changed the details and printed out the layout again. Thank god, this time they say ok. The layout of the design printed out is for their own keep so that they can double check them tomorrow when they come and collect their name cards.

The next day, they came and collect the name cards. They rejected them, saying what kind of name card is this. I told them that this is according to the design that they agreed yesterday. I even took the already made name card and place it beside the layout that I designed according to her. They were exactly the same. And do you know what the fuck they said?

"This is your layout. It's a A4 size but your design is in the middle, (see, real measurement of name card with design) the large unprinted around the your designed name card blur me up. I thought it suppose to be nice. You see, is this call a name card ar?" *throw the the already made name card on the table*

KNNNBECCB!!! What kind of reason is that? I mean who on earth besides those assholes who blame God for some bridge wreckage or suggesting building LRT to attract tourist. Maybe they are related, I dunno...I was speechless that time. I don't really officially possesed the customer service skills ok... My partner came to me and took over. That time I can throw myself into the sea and pollute worse than Exxon.