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An Evening With Lenglui

Beef: So how's works? OK ar? I seldom see nowadays.

Lenglui: Well, my time is not fix mah. *sip teh o ais limau*

Beef: So what is your scheduled for this week?

Lenglui: *sip, sip* 5 pm -3 am...

Beef: Wah lau eh...

Lenglui: OK lar, at least I have all my interesting colleague with me mah...

Beef: How interesting or?

Lenglui: Hua! If I mentioned you sure find it funny lah... One them hor let's call him Boyboy,
That day, both of us where lepaking for a while in my workplace lar... Then hor came a
very handsome boyboy also. Boyboy look at him one kind only... Like wanted to makan
people only.

Beef: You Boyboy homosexual ar?

Lenglui: Arbothen?

Beef: Ok then what happened?

Lenglui: That handsome left lor, then my Boyboy looked disappointed and suddenly he just
freaked said to me that handsome forgot something.

Beef: What? He left his handphone there ar?

Lenglui: I also think like that but then I try to look around. No handphone also so I asked him
what is it lor?

Beef: What he said?

Lenglui: he said that handsome forgot to take him back to his home to play...

Beef: @#$%^ Kanina....


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9/29/2005 11:29 PM

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