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to help or not to help

Wednesday, November 02, 2005
Have you ever encounter the situation where some you love walking towards the path of destruction? For my case, it is not that serious, but of it is worrying.

Sometimes it is justifiable to just let them go free to do whatever hell they wanted to do but I that think only apply if they have the slightest idea of what's been going around the world. But then again who am I to justify her credibility. She is old enough to take the plunge and live with the consequences.

I stop suggesting to her about her plan in life due to some incidents happened last time when I was naively helping her. Appreciation is not what I expected but I get more than that. A sentence that I'll never forget. It hurt me so much. Hence, I stopped, believing that she is hopeless. She was going nowhere. I even went to the extend of stop talking to her.

Almost a year now, my "fuck-her-no-time" policy still applied. She went staying at her friend's house. Didn't see her as often as before. I'd sense the sign of anxiety and depression in her. I have no idea if those two symptoms are suffered simultaneously. I am worry about her now. But what should I do? Kanineh, if I help her, I fear there might a backslash. What I worry is all this will lead her towards the suicidal path (maybe I think too much but then again... You will never know). She is jobless, friendless (good times only available, type of friends got lar...) and no beef stew to help her.

To help or not to help... cheebye that's the fucking question!