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Friday, February 16, 2007
早期牛炖 恭祝各介新年快樂!!!!

Still at work, tomorrow holiday, yay!


Qham-lan !... It started like this and then we no stupid so this and this and this

Reunion Dinner with Friends

Thursday, February 15, 2007
I dunno when it started but me and my friends have been doing it for the past few years. Maybe it is because everybody seems to be able to afford a luxurious dinner. Luxurious in the sense that we don't really eat out at such degree everyday. I remember I spent about RM150.00 for a beef and a syrup soaked half-pear with fancy colorful sauce.

This year, I had one of the best "fishy" dinner with my friends. Last Saturday, we went to this Telok Gong a cheap seafood haven made expensive by KL people who think it's still a bargain... Well, compare to the price in KL...it is. We ordered the "as usual" stuff. Raw fish salad (Yi Shang lah tu...), Fish, Crab, squids, bla bla bla..... A bottle of Chivas courtesy from Charlie and wife.

The best thing about it is we have great conversations (honest and funny one definitely). Wai Lin's sister showed up a bit later. She is nothing like Wai Lin...hehe no offence man, she is gorgeous. Anyway, the dinner ended around 9.30 pm after a series of poking fun and talking crap. We headed to Colin's mansion and continue the party with nice red wine courtesy from Colin. We played "in-between" involved money. No....dun fucking shave my head ok. I had to leave early as I have another appointment with friends.

In the other occasion, I didn't freaking see any Escargot I'd been longing to try, in the menu. Thank god I didn't wear my tux there. It turned out, you can really just wear anything.