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I'd been searching in the web looking for the exact word to describe a person with over-zealous addiction of winning. I don't know if it is right to explain it this way. But you dig what I mean.

I was overwhelmed by the fact that there some fuckers out there who will turn into their ugly face over a silly computer game at the cybercafe. I have to admit that I am no computer gamer guy. Meaning; I won't spend my fucking time over what fucking items I should buy to enhance my game character into an invincible superman and how to control my money shit all that.

Last Saturday, I went to this cybercafe with few of my friends. One of them happens to be that guy that had me wondering what is it about winning over a pc LAN game going to make him reach orgasm. I think he shove his prick into the USB port more than his wife's pussy. Anyway, we played this game where there were two teams, fighting to capture the enemy's base. Sort of. I requested to be in his team. So that he can look after me. Read carefully. Look after, give instruction, TEACH... Ended up losing the first game. Couldn't handled the lost, ugly words that hurts start to rain in like those arrows from The Lord of the Ring.


Anyway, he is labelled then. The List of Pricks in Early Stage Beef Stew.
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