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Jon, Chia Li and Maria Gomez n' Company

Monday, January 29, 2007
The Man is my best college buddy, I met the wife once in The Loft. They tied knot earlier last year April. They told the world last Saturday with style in Berjaya Times Square Hotel Ballroom. Expensive one I would say. I was the bestman though I could not tell the difference of my role and the other bridenapping posse. Anyway, maybe there it is just for the christians...I don't know. No karaoke with Hokkien songs by some uncle auntie. Just soothing lounge jazz (you know, those jazz in the shopping mall or hotel...). The food was not as soothing though, hehehe.

I thought you said you ain't dancing!

The dinner ended without any embarassing mabuk incident from Jon's buddies because everybody there were not that fierce really. We just shouted and shouted. I never shouted this wild since Eason's concert.

After the dinner, I joined my other friends in The Toproom for some live jazz. All Ah Bengs with urge to jazz were all here. The magnificient Maria Gomez (hope I don't mispell the name) was singing, she is good and woooo... There was the lady drummer. You get my ethusiastic don't you? A lady jazz drummer! And she is pretty good too. Mm...mm.. Susan Lancester was there too...