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Pricking a Magi

Tuesday, May 16, 2006
Few days ago, my friend prick said I look like Ogre Magi and I discovered that Illustrator can be used for image recognisation. The result was just magnificient. Have a look.

CSI should bow to me now. Prick, the pc cannot lie. Sorry.



Untitle: ____________

Saturday, May 13, 2006
Yesterday, I knew she is belonged...

Feel it for the first time after all this while. Momentarily? Yes.

Cowardice? Maybe.

Failing to fulfill her religiously, financially and sense of security, I stay from the distance.

Excuses? Maybe.

These are the excuses that is a unfulfilled promise that I wish to possess so that I'm qualify to march on.

Should have stay further...


The Crab Society

Friday, May 05, 2006
Once a friend told about how crabs behave when they are contained into a basket or simply a baby bathing pail. The trick is in order to keep the crab from crawling (is that the right word for crab?) out of the pail, you only need to put in two crabs or more. Do not put them individually. This is because if there are two or more crabs, and if one of the crab try to crawl out, the other will drag it back to the pail, disallowed any attempt of escaping.

Believe it or not, true or false is not really the issue here. The issue is this is how the crab society behave. Possessing a different ideas (or should I said, stand) is a no no.

"if you are here with me, you will need to think and act like me. By this way, we will be considered as one big fucking family"

Somehow, there are people who like to shove people with their dogmatic thinking and principles whether they want it or not. The worst thing is there is no such thing as if you don't like it this way, then leave. Trying to leave will result them to pull you back into thinking like them. That sense of "group" is so strong, that resistance will only lead to being an outcast and that happened to not only to teenagers but to adult also. Sad indeed.

To those who think, they need a group to own an identity so that they can clearly and proudly declare it to other people is pure chicken shit. Because at the end of the day when people grow wiser and smarter enough to realize who's talking cock and who's walking the walk, you will feel that the group you owned or belonged is getting smaller and smaller.

Heck, we'll be dead in our own coffin and not share isn't it. Of unless some Hitler-reincarnate asshole plan to do some ethnic cleansing because other people are much more smarter than him, then I'd got nothing to say lor...