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how you get fucked up by your own goverment?

My workplace is situated in a busy area where almost all the banks that are approved by Bank Negara are located there. Besides, there are offices. The banks are all facing the main highway. There is a road in front of them. A narrow road I would say after the parking space. It is a no stoping/parking zone.

Despite of the local council officers issuing summons, there still fuckers and bitches who park their car in the most selamba way, on that road thus causing jam in that barely 4 shop lots distance. Oh wait, as long as there is some body inside the car, you can park there. That's the fucking rule or should I say loophole.

There is a parking lot, surrounded by three-floors shop lots mostly office. Averagely, there are about 40++ offices. Each of the company might has 6++ employees including the bosses. That parking will be full before even ten in the morning. With the failure of the Malaysian Goverment to run the campaign of car pooling and hence cultivating the car pooling culture, that place is parked by 40 * 6 =240 cars. To make things worse, there are some space which is considered as safe parking in the sense that you would not be blocking anybody's way. But there were no parking line. Depends on who's the officer on duty. I like officer A, he seems to be using his brain to do his duty. He told me he would not summons cars that park there as long as it is with parking ticket. Fair enough.

Today, I park that place and I got a summons from this officer. Just now I name the officer A and for this let us just called BITCHASSMAEHCHIBYEKANINBUEHLAUCHIBYEMUTHAFUCKA. He gave me a summon. For illegal parking. I only get to know this after I got to my car after work. I mean, here I am right here with limited parking lot and some parking space without parking box maybe waited to be drawn some yellow line to make a parking box due to their busy scheduled of catching stray dogs or shooting crows.

Now that's how you get fucked up by your own goverment!


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