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Minority Report

Monday, July 17, 2006
All this while I thought it was over. I would never thought it will be another catastrophic incident due to some prejudgementalist. After all this I will be once again, become one of the agenda... tiny one I suppose of some group meeting that basically had nothing really consructive to talk about. Maybe some stepping and personality murdering that apparently make them higher in whatever sense that might be.

Once the subject appearing, the activity to police your personality was activited with certain default settings that tend to conclude your future offences. Minority report sort of.

Few years back, my initial offence (not to my regconition, but hey, who needs the fucking recognition, we are in the age of Kai Fong), I acted to cover my discontend. Despite of my pure intention, I was apprehended and was found guilty without trial, just some testimonial from some influential people.

Now, I ain't do a damm thing, but I was shove into the cell. Hurt, I went berserk. Nothings really helps. Should have ignore the whole scene and walk away.

So, ex-convicts, stay away from some unfamiliar and unrecognised zone such as the backstreet because they will hang you thinking you are trafficking some dope eventhough you are there to feed some stray cats.


" Fool me once, shame on you"
" Fool me twice, shame on me"
-B.B King