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Reverend K. Sri Dhammananda 1919-2006

Friday, September 01, 2006
Photo taken by Jeffooi

Back in the college days, there was one time when he was invited to a buddhists students house in Taman Bunga Raya, Setapak. I had no idea why he was there. I was on my way home after having dinner with my housemates. I walked into the already packed with students double storey. He was giving his talk to the students. Definitely a lots of laughter. Throughout the talk, He didn't make me believe in Buddhism (My belief in Buddhism shaken significantly when my over-zealous evangelist christians housemate "reasons" with me why Buddhism is just another superstition). He made me understand Buddhism better (quite different from what my mum thought me) .

My favourite books of His include "What Buddhists Believe" and "Food for The Thinking Mind". I bought "What Buddhist Believe" when I visited University Malaya during my sixth form. Never really read it, until I was bombarded with questions by my christians housemate who didn't really interested in knowing Buddhism. The book gives a overview of what buddhists believe and why the buddhists do that thing they do. Though "Food for The Thinking Mind" is sort of a compilation of quotes but nevertheless led me to a lots of reading of other books like Bertrand Russell and some Albert Einstein's papers.

Let's just say, with His way of teaching Buddhism and His approach in teaching the youth (to me), I can easily talk to Owen Wilson about Buddhism.

With all this I didn't say anything about me being a good buddhist. I am not. But if not because of His indirect teaching to me, I might probably become a believer rather than a person who understand and knows why he become a believer. And that's a really good news about Buddhism: You don't really need to believe in Buddhism to become a buddhist. How cool is that?! Tell me one mainstream religion that has this nature.

Anyway, today He is joining (I hope He is)Neo, Morpheous, Trinity and the rest of the crew.

May he not be born again
May he ceases to exist.