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Her name is Natasha

Friday, August 25, 2006
The wife gave birth to a baby girl. Her name is Natasha. Congratulation, Dude!


August Brief

Wednesday, August 23, 2006
Sunrise did again this year, giving us the experience of live music (er... no, not Britney or Paris Hilton or some nasyid or dikir barat...). We call them jazz. Nope, jazz is not a car which filthy rich ah beng like to modify. Jazz is a music genre. I was there with some new aquintances. Jazz fans sort of. Lot's people. Just hope that this annual event doesn't turn out like Bon-Odori.

After that very night, we headed straight to Toproom. Thanks to Suanie for her post. I fell in love with this place already. We had Sharizan and Julian Chan that night. Sharizan is that guy who sings for RTM. Julian Chan is that sax guy who performed with Disagree in channel 16 Astro. I don't really know what is good jazz and what's a lounge jazz. I just like the stuff that they play.

Probably the movie that I need to watch before leaving earth. Have you heard of the movie "Crossroad"? To all ahbeng, ahlian, and those who discuss Britney Spears music like Eric Clapton discussing Robert Johnson music, no this "Crossroad" hor is not le mobie is not le bilitni spie do one. The movie is about a boy searching for the Robert Johnson's 30th song. I watch the ending in RTM 2 some where in1996. Been searching for that movie every now and then. Definitely a lots of blues.

Now I can die peacefully.