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Great 2006 and Happy New Year 2007

2006 was great. Great because of the things learned. Be it life, friendship, business, politics (learned but have to wait until the next G.E)...

Looking back among the few things...

  1. Jazz is good. I mean like Toproom/Top Hat jazz and not the KLCC shopping jazz... Pardon me for the discrimination. Have not try No Black Tie yet...and still looking for Blues music joint. I mean like Muddy Waters, Clapton's From The Cradle, B.B King, Albert King and not Robert Palmer versatile/compartible/pop for all market kind of blues. OK.
  2. Camping is good. 4-5 pax will be ideal, because nobody is nobody boss, only ideas and suggestions. Centipede actually love butter, so be careful if you are having BBQ camping.
  3. Poker is good. Casino Royale was a catalyst though. Secret alliance among players sucks. (Fuck you all lah jibye!). Emotion strategies cannot be applied because final stake was small. Still is I suppose.
  4. The healthy amount of sweat that I suppose to perspire in 2006, I sweat it all out in one yoga class and one pilates class.
  5. She...
  6. Waking up Sunday morning is good. Playing badminton 30++km from home was especially good. After that, gaining back twice as much of what you lost during the game. Mmm...
  7. Started to appreciate myself more and more each day. Narcissism is Necessary...hehe. Started to know the significant of the behaviour of acting strong in front of certain party.
  8. I learned some skills of knowing friends among my friends. Who are there for you and who are the one who wait for your dooms. It's a bit late but what to do, my application to the "Social Uni" appear to be late.
  9. Looking back and laugh at the statement "if weren't for us, you are sitting at home doing nothing". He was drop dead wrong. Hahaha...
  10. Planning my immigration.
  11. The lowdown is a good thing. I need to admit it. Everybody is doing their best out of it. Hopefully better in the coming 2007.
  12. Carrier? Hmmm....... Ain't telling. But already make a 2007 resolution list. Got it laminated and beautifully hang in my room. Hahaa. Advice from a friend really.
  13. Finally... Cilakak, they open in the month of December 2006 but everytime I drive past the building, I don't even come across any equipment. Kanineh... Y? Y?

I can go on and on but erm... Guess I better not. Besides looking back only to revise and not to stay there forever...sniff* sniff*...che.................Going to Singapore tonight. My first time again.

While Dota Ah Lian Suanie got her Warcraft Pack, I got my picture frame with some Indian art in it from Indian for Christmas, thanks alot Ms Chan. Happy Birthday Jesus and Happy New Year everybody!!


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