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Kai Fong

I used to be a soft type of person (character wise). I thought every harsh thing I heard from people that I know was meant for a good cause. Or some other time if they pretend it well, I thought they were joking. Those were the days. Enduring. But of course I wouldn't call it an enduring because I was so dumb last time.

I changed.

That was like what? 2-3 years ago. Can't remember though. I learned to sense mean words clothed with an good intention. I know I might over sensitive prick or call me a wimp if you want, but you need to protect yourself from mega pricks out there.

The only thing I haven't develop is the skill to fight back on the spot. All the time processing and analyzing consequences being wasted. The mind is not fast enough. Besides, my mind stop fighting back when the ball bounce back to my with a jive point. Jive in the sense that, pukimak, what is this guy trying to said?I thought we were talking about those horrible things you did last night and why the fuck you bringing my father into the discussion.

See? This is how a shithead a person can be!

I learn that you don't keep score in this era of instantaneous of whatever. The sentence like "I told you so" is not cool anymore. When I said don't keep score, it means you grab just about anything adjacent to you like VSOP bottle, and smash that motherfucker's hollow head and make sure the bottle don't smashed. Our primary goal is motherfucker's head smashed, not our precious VSOP bottle. But of course, if you plan to get him next time, then you should just proceed with the VSOP strategy.

If you plan to back up and believe that karma will do the rest, then backdafacap.

I used to hate those people who talks and point out their stand like it is some follow-or-go to hell holy scrolls planted on earth by aliens. At the same time I envy these people. Hating is because these people don't prepare a so call back door for the the statement they made. What if what they said is wrong. The is certain uncertainty isn't it? And when shit happens or they just don't do what they preach, they just pretend nothing ever happen. What about responsibility? As for these code name: motherfucker hypocrite, I don't really feel like bombing these folks due to my appreciation on these phenomenon call time. Time is a precious stuff, especially mine. I waste it on some mega-pricks.

For those who just join the society, a serious need of skill to recognize and differentiate between what is opinion and what is fact.

If you take an opinion as a fact (especially from those hypocrite ass), then you have to bare on the shit that bound to happen in whatever you do due to this so call opinion.

It's like

  1. Do not use that highway at these time because there will be a jam. Now that's a opinion isn't.
  2. Now take a look at this; Do not take that highway because the fly over fell last night due to some corrupted officers, minister who screwed up the contractor financially forcing them to use cheaper and unauthorized alternative to build this fly over. Well, there are fact and opinion this sentences. You go differentiate it.

Enuff said.


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