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why the cow blog?

Whenever there is time I stare blankly at the monitor wondering what the fuck I wanna write, this question always pop out.

Who the fuck got me blogging?

It started with a friend in friendster. Everything is easy or should I say user-friendly. No html shit or whatever those IT jargons mean. Meanwhile, I surf around for Malaysian bloggers. This magical site came into my sight the first time when I googled for these sites.


I was converted.

This is person is God. OK, I love his witty sarcastic approach in writing and ranting about almost everyday shit. I went further suanie, minishorts and many many more. Now look. I dunno that you guys were actually "keluar suratkhabar" before. Pardon me. I don't even know what their blog all about is. Anyway, days after days, I realize I wanted to join in this blogosphere since I can learn more. In Friendster, just a few friends who knows you will read your blog and probably agree with almost everything you said, no?

Besides, apparently according to some, Friendster blog is for babies. I don't like that statement. Eventhough it holds some truths there. So I started with Blogger.

Phew-yo, there were so many things to be done for a noob like me to set up a blog with some of the personal touch or identity. And where the hell is the country that speak html. I need one of the people there to help me with this. You know, the source code and that shit.
For the time being I ain't paying anything yet. My biggest problem kepala sakit was how am I suppose to export all my previous posts to this Blogger .

Anyone can help ar?

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10/05/2005 10:36 AM

eh, no lar, who said i'm god ? If I'm god, i won't rant in the first place right ?

first of all, make sure you write your draft in a text file before pasting it into Blogger (you can do it inside Notepad). this is to prevent those weird characters (apostrophes, brackets, parentheses, bla bla bla) from showing up on your posts...

things i learnt.  

10/05/2005 6:05 PM

Yes, master. Thanks for the tip.  

10/05/2005 6:10 PM

and take some weird inane photos of yourself. that always works  

10/06/2005 3:16 AM

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